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We hope our books will become your child’s first step into the world of letters and written language. Our books are created with passion and dedication to children’s education. We believe they can become an inspiration for many bed-time stories about animals, letters and their amusing adventures.

Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner!

We are icreadibly pleased to announce that „Animal abc – book to look” has been awarded again!!!!  This time our book was chosen Educational Book of the Year 2017 by Creative Child Award!!! This prize is for us especially meaningful, beacuse products submitted for this contest are reviewed by a group of moms, educators and early education professional, so by the very people, whose feedback is for us the most important. Winning the title  Educational Book of the Year 2017 is for us a great suprise and a huge satisfaction!


„Animal abc – book to look” won also the 1st prize in the 2016 International Royal Dragonfly Book Award Contest. Our book was best in the Children’s Picture Books 5 & Younger category and received the maximum score of 80/80 points.

The International Royal Dragonfly Book Award Contest is organized annually since 2011. The most excelent books are recognized in 62 categories. The contest is organized by Five Star Publications. This year, the jury consisted of 30 independent book experts, who took under consideration not only the quality of publication but also its creativity and innovativeness.

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„The book is beautifully presented and it’s clear that Gabriela is a talented ilustrator and designer. The arrangement of the animals is charming – full of character and humour.”   

       – Louise Jordan, Writers’ Advice Center for Children’s Books, UK

„As I began looking at each letter, I started to recall how much fun learning was because of exciting and colorful pictures like these in “Animal abc” by Gabriela Rzepecka-Weiß. The way the book is set up is simple, which does not complicate the learning proces for a child. Simplicity can be extremaly helpful to a child.”   

       – Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite, USA


Bed-time readings are one of the most valuable moments a parent can share with their child. Viewing pictures is the first literacy experience. Exploring illustrations and creating stories around them sparks a child’s imagination, builds early literacy skills, stimulates language development and builds the relationship between parent and child.

But how to read books in which there are not more than just a few words?

It’s simple!

An illustration is just a prelude to a story – make it up together with your child. Explore the pictures, encourage your child to repeat words, ask questions, make suggestions, listen to the answers, share your thoughts, try out funny voices, be goofy, amaze yourselves. Simply, experience the story together.

Reading together builds your child’s vocabulary and expands language, imagination and creativity. It develops concentration and comprehension skills, along with a solid basis for future reading. Reading helps your child gain native and foreign language confidence. Young children are not afraid of making mistakes; they are open to experiment with language in a much more active way than adults.

So… experience magical moments with your child and a picture book in your hands!

Animal abc

„Animal abc” is part of a series of books, which introduces children to the world of written language. The first book in the series: „book to look” focuses on letters of the alphabet.

In the beginning, young children see letters only as a set of strange, graphic symbols, which do not evoke any connotations. Throughout the pages of “book to look”, friendly animals form themselves into the shapes of the first letters of their names.

An extremely flexible alligator forms itself into an A; an octopus wraps its arms into circle – the ideal shape of the letter O.  Whales organize a sea parade and glide through the waves on a W shaped track and a zebra bends its legs and stretches its neck trying to form a Z.  With the help of these warm and funny animal teachers, your child will find it much easier to begin “doodling and scribbling” the letters of the alphabet.

Your little reader will turn the pages to discover different animals and memorize each particular letter’s shape. Later, when your child sees regular letters it can easily associate them with the animals, which were shaped in a similar way. If a child knows the name of the animal, it can identify the first sound of the animal’s name and read the letter. This way “Animal abc – book to look” helps children identify letter-sounds recorded on paper and prepares them for reading.


Coming soon in the „Animal abc” series:

    • „Guide to write” – this book will introduce children to the world of writing
    • „Read to sleep” – a book of funny and ingenious rhymes about animals for each letter of the alphabet.



Book „Animal abc – book to look“

A hard cover book, coated with a special soft-touch foil, which gives an extra smooth feeling that will make you want to not let go of the book.

Colorful but clear illustrations introduce your child to the world of letters and animals. Thirty six thick, easy to turn pages in size A4.

 „Animal abc” – flashcards

Printable flashcards (pdf) with all animals and letters from our award winning book „Animal abc – book to look”. Must have for parents of preschoolers and ESL teachers!

plakat "Animal abc"

Educational poster „Animal abc“

The poster complements our book by bringing the animals from the pages into your child’s room – a wonderful wall or desk decoration.

B2 size, 48x68cm, thick paper.


„Animal abc” set

„Animal abc – book to look“- book with a poster

about the author

Gabriela is a Japonologist, ESL teacher, illustrator and a traveler.  While living in Japan, she created an English Program for Japanese children, which she successfully managed for over ten years. She is a Cambridge Young English Learners Test examiner, a coordinator of numerous student exchange trips and an author and illustrator of several English course books for children. Gabriela is always driven by new ideas and silly images popping into her mind one after another.  She is the mother of 14-year-old Kacper (a real dragon with a Japanese soul) and 2-year-old Flora (sweet imp-type) and an absolutely happy wife.  The “official” language at Gabriela’s home changes depending on the mood and the people present at any given moment – it is a mix of English, Polish, German and Japanese. She likes to spend her free time outside or dreaming